Gina Jolie - Latina
Gina Jolie
How she was found/recruited:

On one of our infamous trips south we discovered this crazy fine bitch. She was in Rio, walking around barely clothed, and bragging about how her ass could take a serious pounding. So, yeah, we hooked that bitch up.

Age: 29
Ethnicity: Latina
Bra size: 34D
Height: 5'4
Weight: 112
Fav position: Ass up

Gina Jolie

Gina Jolie - I Like Brazilian Butts (And I Cannot Lie!)
Gina's back and she brings her bodacious body, beautiful boobs and bangin' ass with her. She struts her stuff for a while, knowing exactly what to do to perform the perfect tease. And did I mention her fucking phenomenal ass?
Mofos World Wide
90 %
109672 views - May 27, 2011
Gina Jolie - Taking A Dip in Brazil
Gina invites her friend Jazz for a swim in the pool, however she suggests that he should swim with no bathing suit, since they are in Brazil. They both end up going to her room and show how Brazilians work their magic.
Mofos World Wide
88 %
178032 views - Mar 05, 2009
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